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Ring Size Chart

When you are buying a ring it is important that you get the size right. There is nothing worse than giving someone a ring only to find it is too big or too small. There are two ways to measure ring size which depend on what you are measuring (in addition to our ring size [...]

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Men’s Wedding Rings Don’t Have To Be Boring

When looking at men’s wedding rings people generally tend to go for the simple bands without much adornment. While these kinds of rings do offer a sort of understated sense of elegance they can also be seen as rather boring. Wedding rings come in a range of different styles and with many different designs. It [...]

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Top 5 Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

When purchasing men’s wedding bands it is important that you take the metal the ring is made of into account. Certain metals contain properties which make them ideal for men in certain careers while others offer a more traditional look. Looking at the top 5 metals for men’s wedding bands allows you to identify which [...]

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Men’s Rings for Any Relationship

Many people believe that men’s rings can only be given as a gift in certain circumstances. The most common situation associated with gifting rings to men is a wedding. The relationship with the man receiving the ring is also thought to be limited to husbands and fiancés. This is also a misconception as a ring [...]

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A Guide to Ceramic Rings

A new trend which is gaining popularity is the use of ceramic rings in weddings and as gifts. Ceramic rings offer a range of benefits which sets them apart from the more conventional metal rings like gold and silver. Some of the benefits will include the affordable cost, strength and functionality of these rings. Ceramic [...]

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Australian Ring Sizes

When looking to purchase rings in Australia it is important that you understand the ring sizes. The sizes used in Australia will differ from those used in America, Asia and parts of Europe. Of course, it is always best to know how the Australian rings sizes correspond with others for when you purchase from a [...]

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Wedding Rings for Men Ideas

Wedding rings for men have become ornate and full of designs much like women’s rings. When looking for the best design for the wedding band there are a few questions you should be asking. These questions will look at your lifestyle, comfort levels and personal preference. All of these things will need to be looked [...]

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Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide rings have become a popular gift for men and women. The used of tungsten has added material specific advantages to the rings but it is best to know as much as you can about the rings before you buy. Simply knowing the advantages of these rings is not enough as the characteristics need [...]

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Male Wedding Rings: A History

The male wedding ring is as important as the female wedding ring in the wedding ceremony and life after. The ring is a symbol of many aspects of the relationship between the two people. It is also a means of conveying a message to the person they are married to. The tradition of men wearing [...]

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Titanium Wedding Rings

If you're getting married, it's not at all unusual for both the bride and groom to leave his wedding ring until the last moment. This is often because it's her engagement and wedding rings that steal the show in the lead up to the engagement and wedding, and often the poor groom's wedding band is [...]

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