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Tungsten Vs Titanium

In the world of modern metal jewellery, titanium and tungsten carbide are two of the headline acts. They are synonymous with words like "strong" and "hard", and because of this, it's quite easy to make the mistake that they're quite similar, when in fact they are very different, and are suited to different people. Both [...]

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Can You Exercise With A Wedding Ring On?

One issue for Men’s wedding rings in particular is whether or not it’s wise to wear your wedding ring while working out. There are a few different issues to cover here, only some of which may be applicable to your particular exercise regimen. One option of course is just to take the ring of before [...]

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Looking For A Wedding Ring?

Are You Trying To Select A Wedding Band? When we talked to the majority of husbands to be, the biggest concern that we kept hearing was that you did not like the feeling of wearing a ring. As we watched men try on rings for the first time we could see you fidget and wiggle [...]

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A Guide To Mens Wedding Ring Design

Not sure what edge you want for your wedding ring? Here is the list of options that Mens Wedding Rings HQ offers: Mens Domed Edge Wedding Ring – Sits snug into the finger, with an even dome shape.   Mens Bevelled Edge Wedding Ring - Sits snug into the finger with a flat center piece [...]

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What Is A Comfort Fit Ring?

If you’ve been on any reputable website that sells Men’s wedding rings, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term “Comfort Fit”. Just briefly, we want to explain what this is. Most cheap bands won’t be comfort fit, and without doing a sales job on you, there is a reason why you should always choose comfort fit [...]

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Keep Your Wedding Band Simple

While much attention has to be given to "her" wedding and engagement rings, buying mens wedding bands is actually a lot easier. For starters, not only is he less likely to want something extravagant, his lifestyle means that a simpler wedding band is going to much more practical as well. Guys are generally a lot [...]

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Tips For Buying Wedding Bands For Men

Your occupation and recreational activities will effect the life of your ring and should be considered when buying your wedding band. Everyday activities can change the shape, colour and ultimately the life of what should be a long lasting special band. Chlorine, salt, detergents, chemicals all change how your band will look, from rusting to [...]

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Buying Wedding Rings Online

How To Make Sure You Purchase The Right Size Wedding Ring Online 1. If purchasing your wedding ring online you can request us to send a ring sizer to you in advance. The easiest thing to do, however, is to stop by a few jewellery stores and ask them to size you up. A lot [...]

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How To Match His And Her Rings

While in many western countries it's customary to for the bride to wear an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and sometimes an eternity ring, in others it's more customary for the bride to wear a single wedding band that matches the mens wedding ring. This is not only a great way to celebrate your new [...]

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The Myths and Fact about Tungsten Rings

There are many myths regarding tungsten rings which people take as facts. These myths often obscure the true benefits of the rings and cause people to make decisions without the proper information. By understanding what the myths are and whether or not they are true you can determine whether tungsten rings are right for you. [...]

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Facts and Myths about Titanium Rings

There are many myths out there about titanium rings and while some of them may be true most of them are not. When looking to buy these rings it is best to have all the facts about the rings and know which myths are real. It is only through having an understanding of these myths [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Steel Rings

Steel rings are often made out of stainless steel and are an attractive option for many people. Of course you need to consider both the pros and the cons of these rings before you purchase one. By comparing these you are able to fully understand whether or not these rings are right for you. The [...]

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